In connection with discussions on the Flight gear Forum and the Yahoo!Groups flight gear and flying clothing groups a lot of information has been made available to the members over time.
You can follow the two fora as they develop by using the two first links
in the left column below.
Useful links:
ygroup.jpg (7385 bytes) A discussion group focussing on the history and development of flight gear. Spamming has made it necessary to make it a closed, members only group. Another site packed with information mainly about French gear. Fine information about complete flight gear suites for aircraft types.
fgforum.jpg (5659 bytes) An on-line forum for collectors of flight gear. Rooms for discussing both flight gear and off-topic. Very good Marketplace section. redpilot.jpg (4828 bytes) Site focussing on Soviet/ Russian flight gear. Good detailed pictures and descriptions of different gear.
aerocoll.jpg (14994 bytes) A French-language flight gear group. A very good source of information if your language capabilities allow.
Une groupe francophone sur les equipements de vol
Aeolusaero.jpg (3174 bytes) DocBoink' website. Contains several informative articles on flight helmets, ejection seats, oxygen systems and pressure suits.
bofgear.jpg (4253 bytes) Website based on postings from the
original Egroups Flight gear and later Yahoo!Groups Flight gear,  and on the
current Flyingclothing. Mostly US gear.
fgonline.jpg (4578 bytes) A very good source of overall flightgear-related information on the internet. Contains articles on specific equipment and how-to-do articles.
swiss.jpg (15379 bytes) Site focusing on Swiss flightgear, predominantly helmets right now but
moving into other gear as well. Well
worth a visit.
lt3.jpg (7469 bytes) Vincent 'Winny' LeTeurtrois' collection. Contains good detail shots of helmets and other gear from all around the world.
andrea.jpg (23601 bytes) A novel approach of describing USN and USAF helmets in a time sequence. Contains a large number of original period pictures of flightgear in use and info on lesser known gear. paf1.jpg (7563 bytes) Daniel Djebrani's site about French flightgear. Flight helmets, oxygen masks, suits, survival gear - name it and you will find it here.
A Danish language site used for testing a future RDAF ALSE website. jukka.jpg (2629 bytes) Finnish collector Jukka 'JJ' Juutilainen is focusing on collecting helmets with a pedigree. Visit his site; he has some very interesting examples.
bell.jpg (22850 bytes) Bell's Aviation has dedicated a section of his commercial website to a virtual museum showing his vast collection of mainly WWII helmets and flightgear, but also some post WWII equipment shark.jpg (4106 bytes) Italian collector, Maurizio 'Shark' Bressan's site. Apart from his flightgear collection it also contains a large number of aircraft pictures. Worth a visit.
tomoyuki.jpg (17976 bytes) Tomoyuki 'Elint Jin' Yamakuma's website. A great source of information about Japanese helmets - and in English language, too! gentex.jpg (14088 bytes) Gentex added a museum section to their commercial website, showing flight helmets over the years, including some rare prototypes. A commendable initiative indeed! Has some errors :-(
An Australian site focussing on displaying flight gear in connection with warbird displays and open house arrangements. Includes information on RAAF flight gear used in Korea Blog on 1950's USAF and USN flight gear written in French. The blog is still in its early days but it looks very promising judging from the articles posted until now.
gauntlet.jpg (5180 bytes) Craig Martelle's site on Soviet/Russian
gear. Together, this site and the Red Pilot website constitute an unsurpassed source of info on Soviet/Russian gear.